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Sainte-Marie is coming, we're in!

From 21.-25. June the Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines fair takes place. From next Tuesday we will be there for you.

As in the previous year, our stand number is:

ZM CN 4-5-6-7

This year you can expect - as usual - an excellent range of fossils, minerals of top quality and at top prices:

  • various pendants drilled and donated (labradorite, moonstone, striped agate, blue apatite, ammonite, amethyst, turquoise, citrine, carnelian, pistachio opal, black tourmaline, Red and Golden Healer)

  • Rainbow/Gold/Silver Obsidian (Plaper)

  • Turquoise Nuggets (Arizona)

  • Crystal with water inclusions, spikes and double-ended

  • Citrine, spikes

  • Star Rose Quartz Balls

  • Sphen Crystals

  • Sapphire and Ruby Crystals

  • Lepidolite (top color), freeform/hand flatterer/balls

  • rolled up ammonites

  • Petrified Wood Slices

  • Petrified Oyster Clams

We look forward to seeing you!

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Dear Customers, Colleagues, and Friends,

We are happy to announce that our booth in the Zone Mineral CN 4-5-6-7 will be opened Monday (20.06) through Friday (26.06.) every day from 9 am to 6 pm. We offer high-quality products from two sea freight containers from Madagascar with plenty of new finds. We look forward to seeing you. Yours Co. Giebfried Fossilmineral

Stand-No.: ZM CN 4-5-6-7

Mystic Opal - Madagascar

Peace Agate - Madagascar

And many more...

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