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Summer 2021 Update

Dear Customers,

since the last year there have been many changes for us, due to the Covid-19-Pandemic. Sadly we were not able to give You an update until this point - thanks for Your patience.

There are three major updates for our company:

1) New Webdesign

Most obvious to You, our website-visitor, we changed the appearance of our website, to make it more modern and convenient for new and returning website-visitors. We changed our language translation module, so that foreign languages have the same look and news site as the native language has. In the future we plan to add further languages like French, Spain and others.

In addition to these changes we updated our privacy policy and cookie guidelines - nothing interesting there.

Finally we tried to reduce the loading times, especially for marvelous pictures, that are now all stored on the "product" page.

2) Trade Show

Due to Covid-19 we decided to not participate in Gem-Shows since its break-out last year. As Saint-Marie-Aux-Mines in France already cancelled their show for this year, there remains only The Munich Show in Germany. Because of the uncertain situation, however, we have not finally decided, whether to take part, or not. We will keep you updated on that - just check our website often enough.

Despite not being able to present our products at fairs to You, there is always the possibility to buy our goods directly from our store in Germany. Come visit us there! We still decided to not offer online shipping as we think, that the true beauty of stones can not be evaluated on-screen. Let us know when you think otherwise.

3) New Sea-freight-container

We received a new sea-freight-container last week. It contains many new stones and shapes. To give you more insight on that, another blog-post will be created.

We hope to see you soon!

Stay healthy,

Yours Fossilmineral Giebfried

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